Individual Therapy

I specialize in working with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, insomnia, grief, as well as work and relationship stress.  I aim to provide an empathic and collaborative environment to help my clients reach their therapeutic goals and gain a better understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how these impact their day-to-day lives.  Furthermore, my clients will learn and practice tools they can use to work through difficulty life circumstances and effect positive change in their lives that lasts beyond the course of therapy.  The treatment I provide is primarily grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic psychotherapy, and interpersonal psychotherapy.

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Insomnia Workshop

Approximately one in three people report at least a mild level of insomnia.  I provide a short-term, evidence-based treatment for insomnia.  In addition to providing relaxation techniques and recommendations for changes to your daily routine, I use an algorithm to determine an optimal sleep schedule to fit your body's needs.

Neuropsychological Testing

I provide neuropsychological assessments to help identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  Testing is comprehensive and examines areas of brain functioning including memory, mood, attention, and learning.

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